CBD is a cannabinoid derived from hemp that works by regulating our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). We strive to educate the Standard Dose community on the benefits, uses, and terminology relating to the hemp plant and CBD, as well as product, brand, and industry developments within the market.

Vetted Products

From our tinctures to our serums, we have personally tried every product on Standard Dose - and so have our friends and family! We wanted to make sure that everything we offer is not only effective, but serves a purpose in our daily wellness routines, enhances our senses, and nourishes our minds and bodies.

Lab Testing

Not only have our partner brands provided us with their own third party lab testing, but we have conducted our own to ensure we believe in all of our products. This is an evolving process, and we look to continue this initiative to provide you with the highest quality products as a transparent leader in the CBD space.

Editor's Essentials

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Mineral Sleep Tincture 1oz

Sleep Tincture

£51 - £160
CBD Sold Out

Standard Dose Tincture

£88 - £160
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2 Pack (£70 Each)
4 Pack (£65 Each)
Healing Stick by Wildflower

Healing Relief Stick

£75 - £260
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Body Cream

Body Cream


Always Learning

It’s our priority to learn everything we can about cannabidiol through continuous ingredient and product research to aligning ourselves with a network of industry professionals who are experts in the wellness space.

Brand Sourcing

We are constantly seeking out the best brands that have solid CBD knowledge, cannabis experience, and effective products that we ourselves use in our daily lives.

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Community Engagement

The product is just the beginning. We want to stay in touch with you and know what our community wants and needs, as we are first and foremost a customer- focused brand. We invite you to the Standard Dose community, join our newsletter.

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