Who We Are

Standard Dose is a venture-capital backed multi-brand CBD retailer dedicated to the pursuit of elevated wellness through natural healing practices. Discovering and harnessing the restorative properties of CBD, our platform represents a curated selection of the most effective and trusted products available.

With a commitment to sharing the benefits of CBD, our product offering includes a range of over 50 ingestible and topical remedies for anxiety, pain, inflammation, sleep, and skin care ailments.

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Our Mission

Standard Dose believes in the power of nature, authenticity in brand practices, and the culture of transparency. With a collaborative workspace and the belief in individual empowerment through knowledge, Standard Dose encourages the challenging of ideas and open conversation within the team to better serve our customers.

Our Values

Creative & Curious 
As passionate creators within the CBD space, we have discovered that learning never stops. We encourage curious minds and questions that lead to solutions, listening before taking action, feedback that propels us forward, and individuals who are willing to help execute tasks no matter the size. 
Customer Centric
At Standard Dose, we empower our community to make informed decisions that positively impact health and elevate wellness. We constantly seek constructive feedback, turning it into actionable results and encouraging a sense of confidence and empowerment within the Standard Dose team and community. 
Creators & Collaborators
At our core is a balanced dose of imagination, passion, and CBD: imagining ways to make the impossible a possibility, passionately working together to discover, strategize, and deliver results, and utilizing the natural powers of CBD to maintain balance, remain calm, and stay focused throughout our day. We champion big ideas and encourage the Standard Dose team to make them a reality.


  • Manage editorial content operations from start to finish
  • Develop creative and meaningful editorial projects that inform and engage the wellness community
  • Refine, improve, and enhance the overall content strategy to be constantly evolving and improving deliverables
  • Create and execute our social media editorial strategy that continuously expands our scope, reach, influence and brand recognition
  • Cultivate an exceptional editorial team that exceeds expectations
  • Participate in copy editing so that you are not just managing, but engaging with our content in the interest of continuous product and community improvement 


  • A minimum of 3-5 years of journalism experience
  • Proven experience in editorial management
  • Excellent verbal, editing, and writing skills
  • Solid public speaking skills
  • Proven ability to think creatively about content production and products
  • A willingness for hands-on editorial work
  • Exceptional leadership qualities
  • A deep understanding of business media
  • An ability to understand complex business industries
  • The ability to work well with and source influential senior executives, business leaders, and tastemakers
  • The ability and flexibility to multitask, prioritize, and organize multiple projects/tasks concurrently while meeting required deadlines

Job Type: Full-time