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Mineral Sleep Tincture 1oz
Robyn for Balance Tincture from Mineral, curated by Standard Dose
Cool Stick Wildflower | Curated by Standard Dose

This collection is used by the OrderlyEmails app, to make product recommendations in your notification emails, which automatically update over time. This service is currenty provided for FREE, with any theme purchase. Recommended products shown in your email are automatically updated every 4 hours, to match this collection. By default, your Best-Selling products (that are in stock & not already purchased) will be recommended. You can modify the rules below to change which products are recommended. Products at the top of the list are more likely to be shown. To enable/disable recommendations in your emails, login to the OrderlyEmails app (Shopify Admin -> Apps) and add the "Recommended products" section to an email in the editor. Note: This collection is "hidden", it is not be visible on your website.