Using CBD Topicals for Pain With Dr. Andrew Kerklaan

Dr. Andrew Kerklaan is something of a CBD powerhouse. The Montreal-based doctor is leading up a quickly-growing brand of topicals to be used for pain, sleep, and PMS, all while researching new wellness applications for the healing compound.

As a chiropractor and pain management practitioner with over two decades in practice, the president and founder of Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics has long been focused on helping his patients achieve balance and comfort, with an emphasis on non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive treatments. It was the growing body of scientific research and continuous questioning from patients that eventually alerted him to cannabis’ effectiveness for a variety of symptoms including pain management and alleviation, and soon he was witnessing tangible improvements in even his most unwell patients. This observation convinced him to begin working with and researching the health benefits of the cannabis plant more directly, ultimately leading to the development of his collection of his potent, industry-leading CBD formulas.

"I have personally stood in the field where all of our active ingredients are sourced,” he says, “using our in-house extraction, hemp oil refinement, and formulation experts allows us to deliver products that we are involved with at every step.” With regulation still murky, some brands are taking liberties with quality, meaning that the tin of CBD on the gas station counter probably won’t do much to relieve your aches and pains. That is why cultivation, harvest, extraction, and testing are all steps that cannot be overlooked.

But why do CBD topicals help with pain? It’s not because they are powerful enough to penetrate two inches into your skin and infiltrate your joints and muscles — there’s a bit more going on than that. The real action happens when the active ingredients trigger a response from the body’s robust regulatory endocannabinoid system (ECS).

For now, we’ll use this explanation about the ECS from Dr. Kerklaan himself: “Like a complicated spider web, the human body has receptors that communicate with each other located throughout your body — with high concentrations in the gut, skin, brain, and so on. It’s through these receptors that cannabinoids can have an impact on your immune response, on your gut, on your nervous system, and so many other things.”

When it comes to using CBD topically for pain, here's what Dr. Kerklaan has to say:

  • The cannabis plant has been used as medicine for 5,000 years, often applied topically, and the advent of modern science is opening up even more uses and applications.
  • Hemp molecules are very small, and therefore easily absorb into the skin (the caveat being the rest of the formula needs to be high quality as well).
  • One factor that perpetuates physical pain is when the body’s immune cells become inflamed due to injury, so potent CBD blends created with responsibly-sourced hemp can work through the ECS to calm cellular inflammation and reset your system.
  • Be sure to read the labels carefully when selecting products, checking that they have been laboratory-tested, and display clear cannabinoid ratios, concentration levels, and ingredients so you can make an educated selection.