5 Ways to Support Your Skin this Winter

There’s something about winter skincare that feels a bit daunting -- the air is dry, the heat is blasting, and you end up feverishly shuffling through your bathroom cabinet, looking for your thickest cream and a fast-acting lip balm. Although reapplication of these products can help, caring for your skin in the winter is about more than stocking up on moisturizing lotions and creams. Here are some dryness-fighting practices you can implement:

1. Keep a humidifier close 
It may seem like the farthest thing from a skincare essential, but using a humidifier increases the moisture levels in the air and helps skin stay hydrated. Keep it running close to you throughout the day or during the night while you sleep -- our Senior Brand Manager even keeps a mini one on her desk. 

2. Adjust your diet 
Along with drinking a lot of water (at least 6 to 8 glasses a day), adjusting what you eat can help with dry skin. Incorporate more healthy fats such as walnuts, coconut oil, and avocados into your diet, and avoid drinking too much caffeine or eating dry, salty foods.

3. Limit your hot showers
There are few things better than climbing into a hot shower after a long day, but during the winter, that hot water can dry out skin even more. Keep water at a warm (but not scalding hot) temperature, and try to limit time under water to less than 10 minutes. Apply a moisturizer directly afterward to retain skin’s moisture while you rest.

4. Switch cleansers
During the winter, it’s important to avoid soap-based cleansers as well as those with fragrance or additives, as these elements also inhibit the skin from staying hydrated. We suggest using a cream cleanser instead!