How To Relieve Pain With CBD

We know that establishing your CBD dose requires some trial and error, and the same often goes for finding the CBD pain product that’s right for you. There are numerous types of pain from acute to chronic, dull to sharp, localized to full body, and it’s important to understand your specific type.

When cells in the body become damaged due to illness and injury, our body goes into high inflammation mode in order to rid itself of the damaged cells. This process becomes a cycle, and can lead to chronic inflammation when the body is constantly attacking damaged cells in an effort to heal. Inflammatory pain conditions include arthritis, ulcerative colitis, headaches, abdominal cramps, and more.

Cannabidiol interacts with our endocannabinoid system to prevent pain-related proteins from attaching to our receptors, so we’re able to treat varying types of pain with just one little plant compound, CBD. We recommend using an ingestible product like a tincture to relieve neuropathic pain, or pain that goes beyond a bruise or temporary muscle ache. Using a tincture sublingually allows the compounds to absorb through the mucous membranes and enter the bloodstream for a more effective dose. 

To relieve temporary aches from PMS or sore muscles, consider a topical salve, body balm, or CBD body oil to relieve inflammation. In this format, the formula does not enter the bloodstream and is therefore not effective for conditions that cause pain throughout the body. At Standard Dose, we typically recommend both a tincture and balm for pain relief. Regardless of the product used, consistency is key; CBD builds up in the body and will not relieve all pain in a single use. Research surrounding the efficacy of topical CBD products for pain is ongoing, but the potential for finding relief from topical CBD products is great.

Still unsure of the pain product that’s right for you? Send us a direct message @standarddose and we’ll be happy to guide you!